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MARGAUX Rouge (Red)

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Ownership & history:

Back in the fourteenth century, Giscours was just a defensive tower that overlooked a wild and inhospitable landscape. Things began to change in 1552 however, when a wealthy Bordeaux draper by the name of Pierre de Lhomme bought a nobleman's house named 'Guyscoutz'. He proceeded to turn it into a vast estate and most importantly planted the first vines. Over the course of the nineteenth century, Giscours was transormed into a veritable neoclassical palace as it passed through the hands of the Promis, Pesacatore and Cruse families respectively.

Vineyard & location:

Located in the Margaux appelation, Giscour’s exceptional terroir presents all the qualities required to produce a great wine. Three magnificent gravel hilltops deposited by the Garonne at the beginning of the Quaternary era are one of the key features. The gravel plays a vitally important role, reflecting the sun’s rays and maintaining a stable temperature during the night. The gentle climate is another beneficial factor. This subtle balance gives the terroir its undeniable finesse.

Harvest, vinification & ageing:

Hand-picking. Traditional vinification. Ageing 100 % in barrels of French oak during 12 month.


Purple colour with ruby tints. The nose has lovely fresh aromas - there are black fruits with subtle hints of wood mixed with subtle minty accents. Beginning with a sharp attack, the mouth is round and complex and shows blackcurrant on the finish.

Vintage :



55% Cab. Sauvignon 40% Merlot 5% Cab. Franc + Petit Verdot

Awards & press:

2005: RVF 17.5 2009: Wine Spectator 89 2010: Decanter 16