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Ownership & history:

This estate passed through various families until 2004, when it was taken over by Jean Mallet and Hervé Romat. The former was the heir to a long line of wine growers and co-directed his family company; the latter was also from a winemaking family but is best known as a 'flying winemaker', advising estates in France and abroad. They were joined more recently by oenologist François Tailliez, founder of MT Vins.

Vineyard & location:

Château Grand Maison is on the right bank of the Gironde, where vines have been planted since the 1st century AD. There are two notably different parcels of land at the estate, one being a plateau of gravelly clay, the other a south-facing slope of clayey limestone.

Harvest, vinification & ageing:

Harvest is carried out by hand and grapes from each different plot of land are vinified separately. The winemaking is traditional with tempertaure maintained at around 28°C to obtain the best expression of the terroir. Pumping over is carried out to extract the fruit although the winemakers are careful to try and balance the tannins. 50% of the final blend is aged in oak barrels.


This cuvée from Grand Maison shows varied fruit notes on the nose. In the mouth there is a touch of spice, a good deal of minerality and a moderate oak finish. The length is excellent.

Vintage :



82% Merlot 14% Malbec 4% Cabernet Franc

Cellaring potential:

10 years