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MONBAZILLAC Blanc (Sweet white)

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Ownership & history:

The origin of this vineyard dates back to the fourteenth century and the first trade document dates from 1663. At this time, Périgord was rife with religious conflict between the Protestants and the Catholics. Many Protestants from Bergerac escaped to Holland, and so began the international trade in Monbazillac. Château La Haute Borie was a part of this trade and the vineyard was one of the 17 'Marques Hollandaises' that made their name. For the last 35 years, the property has been run by Dominique Vidal.

Vineyard & location:

The vineyard covers 11 hectares of north-facing hillsides that favour noble rot. The soil is a mix of clay, silica and chalk.

Harvest, vinification & ageing:

The grapes are picked according to conditions and varieties. Each variety is vinified separately. Modern equipment – pneumatic presses, temperature monitors etc. – maximises the wine’s potential. During fermentation, temperature is lowered to avoid excessive sulphur dioxide. A third of the wine is aged in oak for a year, the other two thirds remaining in the vats. Blending is done after seventeen months. The wine is fined with bentonite before bottling.


The wine has dried fruit, apricot and honey aromas. It is buttery, voluptuous and fruity in the mouth. The acidity contributes to the balance and an elegant, fresh finish.

Vintage :



60% Sémillon 30% Muscadelle 10% Sauvignon