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Ownership & history:

Château Terre Bleue is a very old estate that has been handed down from generation to generation for over two centuries now. Records show that a gold medal was awarded to the wine in the Concours Général Agricole de Paris of 1894, clear proof that qualitative winemaking is engrained in the estate’s history.

Vineyard & location:

The estate is made up of a patchwork of plots of land dotted all over the mediaeval village of Saint-Georges. The great virtue of this patchwork arrangement is that it offers a hugely diverse range of soil types, and the resulting wine is therefore highly complex. It is worth noting also that some very old vines enhance the quality of the wine.

Harvest, vinification & ageing:

The grapes at Château Terre Bleue are picked by hand. This not only helps protect the delicate old vines, but it also enables an initial sorting. In the winery, modern techniques are used to make the wine and it finishes with an ageing in oak barrels.


Chateau Terre Bleue is a fruit-forward wine. The aromatic complexity shows a mix of red fruits and violets. It is an elegant wine that is round and fleshy in the mouth with ripe, silky tannins.

Vintage :



68% Merlot
24% Cab. Sauvignon
6% Cab. Franc
2% Malbec

Awards & press:

2011: Gold Medal in Paris WC