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MEDOC Rouge (Red)

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Ownership & history:

The Perrin family have owned and run this vineyard for four generations.

Vineyard & location:

Château Bellerive consists of 14 hectares in the north of the Médoc, opposite the Gironde estuary. The vines are planted on three plateaux made up of clay and gravel.

Harvest, vinification & ageing:

The grapes are picked by hand, thereby facilitating the selection of ripe bunches. Vinification is in concrete, which has the advantage of protecting the must from thermal shock during fermentation. Ageing is carried out in oak, which enhances the ageing potential of the wine.


The mix of grapes here makes for a complex wine. The Merlot brings red fruit and supple tannins, the Cabernets bring intense colour and the Petit Verdot adds a touch of spice, which is enhanced by the barrel ageing.

Vintage :



50% Merlot
40% Cabernet Sauvignon
8% Cabernet Franc
2% Petit Verdot