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GRAVES Rouge (Red)

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Ownership & history:

Château La Rocaille has been in the Lamaison family for four generations. Over that time they have developed two distinct activities - racehorse training and winemaking - that continue to this day. The current generation consists of two brothers, with Jean-André being a respected racehorse trainer and with Jean-Joseph having devoted himself to winemaking.

Vineyard & location:

Château La Rocaille is a small estate, with seven hectares of red grapes planted and two of white. The vines are on average fifteen years old. The estate is in the Graves appellation, which derives its name from the gravel that is abundant in the soil. Equally, La Rocaille means 'little rocks' - so clearly the gravel here is very important. It offers excellent drainage, which means the vines have to really struggle to find water, which in turn results in more concentrated grapes.

Harvest, vinification & ageing:

Traditional Bordeaux vinification is carried out at the estate with a long vatting period. There is just a touch of oak in the ageing process, with 10% of the wine being aged in barrel and the rest being aged in tanks.


The dominance of the Merlot in the blend makes for a fruit-forward, seductive wine. The structure is essentially silky, with a backbone coming from the Cabernet Sauvignon and the partial oak-ageing.

Vintage :



80% Merlot
20% Cabernet Sauvignon

Cellaring potential:

5 to 10 years